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Reform Free Episode 122

Reform Free

While Peter is getting ready to announce Reform's new Free product, Matt is working with an agency on a new marketing website and positioning for Summit.

· 42:45


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Sorry for the poor audio quality in this episode - Peter is working on a new mic setup 🙏

Peter has been listening back to old Out of Beta episodes, to hear his original thoughts around launching Reform. Check the links below to find those episodes. Peter and the family finally made it to Oslo and are back again after a great trip. He's now gearing up to announce Reform's new Free product this Thursday. Finally, he's got some thoughts on a friend's SaaS pricing that he wanted to shared with Matt and the listeners.

Matt is back after spending the weekend in Minneapolis with a lot of other folks from the indie/TinySeed/MicroConf community. He's now working with an agency to nail Summit's new marketing website and he's enjoying the process of outsourcing this project.


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Peter Suhm
Peter Suhm
Ops at Tailwind CSS. Built (and sold) Reform, Branch, & WP Pusher.


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